3 Simple, Smart Solutions to Attract & Keep Attention
AND Quickly Get a Response.

“Stop Wondering What You’re Doing Wrong and Use my Simple Solutions to Attract and Keep the Attention of Whoever You’re Communicating with - and Quickly Get a Response.”

Invest in your Package of Simple Influential Communication Solutions and get your point across quickly AND effectively in today’s busy, noisy world.

Whether it’s speaking Face-to-Face, by Email or Voicemail – no matter what you need to say, it’s time to have your ideas heard AND responded to.

From: Kay White, Savvy & Influential Communication Expert for Ambitious Career Women, London, UK
To:     You - a Fully-Engaged Career Woman ready to stop fretting and second-guessing yourself


kay whiteChoose certain words, the way you express them and then add the right secret bit of sparkle to your message, and it’s suddenly like the clouds have parted.

Like magic, people begin to pay attention to you and your ideas AND they respond to you.

“If You're Not Able to ATTRACT and KEEP Attention When You Want to, You'll Always Work Harder than the Person who Can. Always.


In fact, psychologist Sidney Jourard found that 85% of a person’s happiness in life comes from happy, successful interactions with other people. The reverse holds true as well: 85% of a person’s problems in life result from difficulties in getting along or interacting with others.

Consider the following scenarios:

  • You sometimes feel invisible/on mute in meetings or on teleconferences. When you speak up during a meeting or an informal gathering, it seems like no one pays much attention to what you have to say.

  • You often feel your emails are ignored. You send out an email or call someone to share your ideas, but the response is minimal (or non-existent) and you wonder whether anyone heard or read you at all.

  • You question yourself. "Did they get my message?’ or 'Should I re-send it?' and you feel the anxiety start.

  • People ignore your suggestions, only to label them "excellent" or “brilliant” a few moments later when someone else echoes what you just said. What's that all about?

  • You’re frustrated your ideas or input falls flat and you feel like you’re wasting your time and talent.

  • You struggle to meet deadlines because of off-track communications, delays and misunderstandings.


Any of this sound familiar to you?

If it does, then I have something of real value and use to you. For you to use right away. Today in fact.

Yes Kay that’s me - let me JUMP the reading now and go to your 3 Solutions


“It’s Not Your Fault if Your Interactions Fall Short (or WAY Short) of Succinct, Strategic and Smart...”


If you’re like many busy, time-starved women, particularly those who've been in the workforce for a while, you get stuck in a groove. Your own style groove.

You say and write the same old things in the same way, over and over. You don’t always consider who you’re saying them to or in what context. Your words become ‘default’ or auto-responsive, or reactive, instead of carefully chosen to ensure the response you want.

It’s so easy for your message to get buried, lost, or just plain ignoredespecially if it’s about something sensitive or tricky.

The problem: you’ve been missing one of the MOST IMPORTANT keys to effective day-to-day communication...


kay white“Positioning. It's a KEY piece to You Being Heard. It's Like a MAGIC Switch.”


If you don't understand AND use 'Positioning', you feel ignored, invisible, and frustrated (sound familiar?). What you say often just falls flat.

But with it, you feel like you’ve suddenly discovered a magic switch!

Press it, and the person you’re communicating with can’t help but tune in. It’s like you’ve found their ‘favourite song’, and they have to listen to your words. Can't help themselves.

Even if you’ve attended communications trainings or studied the myriad of books available on the topic, you rarely find anything much about the secret of “positioning” and how to get a response from people day-to-day. There’s tons of information available about marketing and selling, but not on how to make the most of your day-to-day interactions. (I know; I’ve done the research. Loads of it.)

That is, until now.

That's why I’m excited to bring you the choice of the 3 Packages from my popular Personal Success Product:



Simple Solutions to Attract & Keep Attention
AND Get a Response.


This fully downloadable training product is packaged for your specific need and designed SPECIFICALLY to help you 'Position' yourself AND your message in a way that shines.

Whether you’re asking for an answer to a question, for feedback on your work or idea, or if you’re bringing up a difficult topic, this product will show you exactly how to speak up, feel confident and comfortable in your own skin, and get the response you need.

Whether you do this Face-to-Face, by Email OR on the Phone - I've got a Solution for you to be more successful in each of these areas.


“Experience more Confidence and Certainty as You Go About Your Business At Work, Every Single Day. Really. ”


Karin volo

“I actually enjoy putting myself across in emails now, I get a response and I get quicker responses.”

“I was frustrated with my writing and I was having disagreements too often with those close to me both at work and at home, which all seemed based in not understanding each other or feeling heard.

I love Kay’s style because she’s so clear, so confident but also in a manner that makes you feel she’s there to support you in any way she can. She helps you to relax into any conversation — even by email. Kay’s ‘7 Proven Steps to Get Your Emails Opened & Read’ are very easy to implement and I use them every day now.”


kay white booksI’m Kay White, author of the #1 best-selling books, “The A to Z of Being Understood” and “It's Always Your Move” and founder of the multiple 6 figure mentoring & training Company Way Forward Solutions Ltd. I mentor and support professional businesswomen, just like you, teaching them how to communicate and influence with confidence, with style, and with ease, no matter what the situation.

kay whiteAs a featured expert in GLAMOUR Magazine's article "The Nice Girl's Guide to Playing Hardball" I work with private clients who are ambitious women executives in major international organisations, here in the UK and now, globally.

For more than 20 years, I forged my own London-based corporate career. I worked my way from being an enthusiastic secretary at 18 all the way up to Director level in one of the top global insurance broking houses.

I now work with ambitious women clients who are frustrated and exhausted from trying so hard to communicate good ideas, only to see their co-workers’ or bosses’ eyes glaze over. I mentor professional women (and very smart men) to be assertive, be impactful AND still be liked as they go about their business.

So what, you might say. Well, you can’t say ‘So What” to what happens to my clients - their income rises more quickly and effortlessly and they're offered more promotion opportunities, naturally.


“Think About How Many 'Crappy' Emails You've Read (or Sent) and the Fallout When They Miss the Mark!


boring emailsOften, people don’t even open your Emails, let alone respond to them.

When they do, they easily become bored, offended, confused, or disconnected from the message inside. They click away. You do too don't you, sometimes?

Too short is just as ineffective as too long, and without key words, angles or format, it’s unlikely your requests, invitations, instructions and information will be read and acted on. In turn, your projects get stalled, your priorities get mixed up, and you fall behind.

And it’s not just day-to-day Emails that can be so totally ineffective. When it comes to Voicemail, people often leave long, boring, disjointed messages that take 2 or 3 playbacks just to understand!


What would it be worth to you to have a simple step-by-step system to follow to enable you to

  • Speak Up when you need to, 
  • to Email Effectively AND  
  • to get people to Call You Back?

I KNOW that's worth A LOT to you - in saved time, money and energy.


“THAT’S exactly WHY I developed 3 Specific, Step-by-Step Solutions to Fix This.”



“It is SO much easier to get people's attention and get them into action for me.”

“My approaches to the Sales Team were falling flat and I found it hard to get reactions and responses from them to include me in sales discussions and consider me as part of the core Sales Team. Before working with Kay I was at the point of frustration and it was affecting my confidence.

Kay quickly showed me how to hook and keep attention when I engaged with the Sales Team over email and when I present at Sales Meetings. I use her Email and Phone systems daily and really enjoy following the steps which make communicating much more clear, sensible and from the heart.

It's SO much easier to get people's attention and get them into action for me. I'm noticing how I'm included in discussions, invited to meetings and people are coming to me to help them craft their emails too. I recommend you follow Kay's savvy, smart suggestions for your day-to-day challenges”

—Thelma Putzel, Education Sales Specialist, leading software company, USA

Let me introduce you to my BRAND NEW Personal Success Product: Stop Being Ignored; Attract & Keep Attention AND Get a Response.

Use my 3 Separate Step-by-Step Solutions designed and packaged for you to attract people's attention AND get the response you want - quickly - when you Speak Up; Email and Call someone.


Solution One


“5 Ps to Position What You Want to Say, So it’s Heard”

doorDiscover the secrets of positioning and how to speak up for yourself and be heard, day-to-day.

Confidently steer communication so conversations stay on track.

Discover and learn:

  • How to send your message through an open door rather than try to ram it through a wall! Why the “5 Ps” formula is like having a unique dog-whistle pitch people can hear more clearly than anything else – (Hint - This is KEY to effective communication) << no !
  • The exact words, phrases and intonation YOU can use to ensure people understand your intentions and receive the “real” message you’re sending
  • Exactly what positioning is and how to get on the radar (rather than being overlooked) by attracting the attention of key people – watch your personal mojo increase as people lean forward to hear what you have to say
  • How to STOP being tuned out: jump into the conversation, get the airspace to express yourself and have people actually listen to you
  • My proven “5 Ps to Positioning” formula: gain the confidence to ‘position’ any idea to anyone – the right way (this isn’t what most people do… and now you’ll have the ‘secret’ to getting your idea across!)

You'll receive:

1. A 45-minute MP3 Recording. Hear me lay out the 5 Ps to really ‘position’ what you want to say, so it’s heard! Hear the specific words, phrases and intonations I use and understand exactly how to use them yourself for maximum effect.

2. A Transcript of the Recording, with bullets and highlights. Consider it a “Done-For-You” ‘Workbook'. See the phrases written out, highlight additional important details, and refer to it again and again.

summary sheet
3. A Summary Sheet for your quick reference. Keep it right next to your phone or keyboard. Again, to make this process as easy as possible for you, I’ve done the work for you! Print it off and use it everywhere.


erin feree

“It was fantastic to finally be heard!”

“I came to Kay after a frustrating day in a small meeting where I couldn't seem to get a word in edgeways. I had great ideas to contribute, and felt bottled up and ignored, disconnected and like my thoughts weren't valuable. By the end of the day, I was cranky!

I worked with Kay on how to jump in to a conversation and how to frame and position my thoughts so they would be noticed and valued. Using the 5Ps, she showed me how to add little hooks to my ideas that would help them stand out above the buzz and noise in a room.

I got to try out what I learned at a big networking event this weekend, and Kay's mentoring made all of the difference. I usually feel a little lost in a big room and this time was different. I felt listened to, powerful, plugged in and like I got to make better connections with the people I was talking to. It was fantastic to finally be heard!”

—Erin Feree, brandstyledesign.com, USA


“I can’t recommend Kay enough.”

“Communicating to my clients is essential! Kay’s call was great, she reminded me of paying attention to the exact words I use when I communicate.  I’ve taken Kay’s clear, heartfelt advice and communicated much more effectively than I have in the past.

By spending less time chasing people up or on clearing up misunderstandings, it’s already helping me grow my business. AND saves me loads of time!

—Daniella Rubinovitz, Visual Dialogue Mentor, daniellarubinovitz.com, holland


Solution Two


“7 Proven Steps to Get YOUR Emails Opened, Read, & Responded To”

Craft clear, effective emails to get you exactly what you need – quickly.

Do you sometimes wonder if people actually read your emails?email icon

How often have you wasted time fretting about whether people actually received your email, debating whether or not to re-send it?

You know you need a response and you’re left hanging, waiting around, hoping. Well, enough of that!

Let me show you EXACTLY how to ensure people not only open your day-to-day emails, but read them AND respond to them right away.

My proven RESPOND system works, time and time again. And it’s easy.

Discover and learn:

  • My 7 Proven Steps for writing EVERY email so it's opened and read – be SURE they are all effective and hit the intended spot. It’s a simple structure for you to follow.
  • The specific words and phrases to use to get people to open your emails and read them immediately – AND also get them to take action, so you no longer have to waste time following up or re-emailing
  • Simple keywords and phrases to help your message stay on track and keep you in control of your projects and deadlines
  • How to write day-to-day subject lines to make your messages stand out from the hundreds of others in your recipients’ inboxes
  • How to give people what they need to respond to you and do what you ask them to do, without questioning it (or hitting the delete button)
  • The BEST way to structure your information so people can digest it quickly and easily
  • Why it’s CRITICAL to add your personality into your email messages – and how to up your chances of getting a “Yes” or “Okay then” response

You'll receive:

1. A 45-minute MP3 Recording. Listen in as I lay the 7 Proven Steps to Get Your Emails Opened and Read. Hear the specific words, phrases and intonations I use so you understand exactly how to use them yourself for maximum effect in every Email you send.

2. A Transcript of the Recording, with bullets and highlights. Consider it a “Done-For-You” ‘Workbook'. See the phrases written out, highlight additional important details, and refer to it again and again.

summary sheet

3. A Summary Sheet for your quick reference, whenever you need it. The 7 Proven Steps are clearly summarised for you. Keep it right next to your keyboard. I’ve done the work for you!

Print it off and use it everywhere.


susanna d

“Kay's Emailing secrets are amazing.”

I find it so much easier to write my emails now following Kay’s 7 steps and my emails flow better, people respond quickly AND often the response is even more positive than even I’m hoping for!

I rephrase and reposition things and I follow the 7 RESPOND steps. I consciously appreciate people more in my messages and the trick about layout is just so helpful. Where I used to sit and wonder how to start and what to say, NOW I get prompt responses and most people say “yes” and support what I want so much more easily than they used to. I shared these secrets with a colleague and she said “I knew something was different – wow, can I use them too?”

—Susanna D, Public Organisation, UK


“Love the 7 Proven Steps to Get Your Emails Opened & Read.”

“I will listen to that recording several times. So rich with good, practical tips. Thank you.

I used Kay's strategy in writing a recent email to a busy successful author and businesswoman who I wanted a quick response from. It was an important business development for me and I couldn’t wait around long for her to get back to me.

Using the steps, the format and the languaging Kay lays out for you, I put together an email and pressed 'send'. She responded to my request right away and we were on the phone later that same day! This stuff really works.

—Jeanne Malnati, deepdishcommunication.com, usa

call back


NOW, what about when you find yourself sitting around, staring at the phone, waiting for someone to call you back?

You’re distracted and anxious because you’re waiting for someone to return your call.

Well, if that’s ever you, I have something else special for you!

Waiting for people to call you back is a HUGE time-waster and energy-drainer AND I have ANOTHER solution for you.




Solution Three


“5 Keys to Get Them to Call You Back”

Leave Voicemails and Messages people have to return - because they want to

phoneWhether you’re leaving a personal message with someone or via voicemail – discover what to say so the person feels compelled to return your calls right away.

Never again feel like you’re stuck waiting by the phone, wasting time and wondering and fretting about whether your message was received.

Discover and learn:

  • 5 key, simple steps for Voicemail messages to keep conversations and information flowing
  • How to leave Voicemail messages people WANT to return – saving you tons of time and energy
  • The exact wording of savvy phrases to hook the listener’s attention from the get go
  • Exactly what to say and how to say it so your communication comes across as polite - even when you may not be feeling all that polite – so people respond to you
  • Precisely what to include to ensure the person on the other end has everything he or she needs to get back to you – saving you time, anxiety, and aggravation

You'll receive:

1. A 25-minute MP3 Recording. Listen in as I lay out 5 Keys To Get People to Call You Back. Hear the specific words, phrases and intonations I use so you understand exactly how to use them yourself for maximum effect.

2. A Transcript of the Recording, with bullets and highlights. Consider it a “Done-For-You” ‘Workbook'. See the phrases written out, highlight additional important details, and refer to it again and again.

summary sheet
3. A Summary Sheet for your quick reference, whenever you need it. Keep it right next to your phone. Again, I’ve done the work for you! Print it off and use it everywhere.



“It's almost like magic how quickly people call me back now!”

“Kay has taken a common, everyday frustration and broken down the steps to easily fix it. Her 5-step PHONE system is simple to use and she gives solid tips and examples to make it work for you. It's literally a Plug-and-Play!

If you combine this with the Email steps, well, it’s just so much easier day-to-day to keep things moving when you need a response – and we all need to get a response.”

—Peggy Murrah, peggymurrah.com, usa


“I love Kay’s savvy steps for leaving telephone messages.”

“I no longer fret over what to say or waffle and my messages are always elegant and confident. And the best part is that they get returned. People call me back!

I make sure to keep her formula right by my desk so it’s handy when I need it.”

—Dr. Irena O’Brien, PhD, irenaobrien.com, canada

“SO - which Package is the BEST Package for YOU?”

Package #1

Regular price £123

Now £97(inc vat)

Solution 1

"5 Ps to 'Position' Your Message So You're Heard"

Discover the secrets of 'Positioning' and how to speak up for yourself and be heard, day-to-day
Package #2

Regular price £275

Now £197(inc vat)

Solution 1

"5 Ps to 'Position' Your Message So You're Heard"

Discover the secrets of 'Positioning' and how to speak up for yourself and be heard, day-to-day

Solution 2

"7 Proven Steps to Get Your Emails Opened and Read"

Craft clear, attention-keeping Emails that get you exactly what you need – quickly
Package #3

Regular price £367

£197(inc vat)| Best Value

Solution 1

"5 Ps to 'Position' Your Message So You're Heard"

Discover the secrets of 'Positioning' and how to speak up for yourself and be heard, day-to-day

Solution 2

"7 Proven Steps to Get Your Emails Opened and Read"

Craft clear, attention-keeping Emails that get you exactly what you need – quickly

Solution 3

"5 Keys to Get Them to Call You Back."

Leave Voicemails and messages people just have to return - because they want to



bonus“PLUS….I want you to have a special BONUS to really BOOST your confidence and visibility day-to-day.”


You’ll also receive this Special Fast-Action Value-Added Bonus:

meeting planner

Let me send you “The Savvy Communicators Meeting Planner” - (value £95) how to plan your meetings (as either a host or a participant) so you maximise every opportunity to show up and be heard in meetings.


So, just to summarise you’ll receive when you invest in Package 2 or 3

  1. Communication Solutions for Positioning, Emailing and Voicemails
    £367 (normal price)
  2. The Savvy Communicator’s Meeting Planner

My Personal "This-Really-Works" Guarantee For You!

guaranteeIf for any reason "Stop Being Ignored; Simple Solutions to Attract & Keep Attention AND Get A Response" doesn't meet your expectations, I want to make sure you end up happy. If you let my team know within 30 days of your purchase about your situation, we'll give you an equivalent CREDIT to use on any product or service I offer at that time. No questions.

Please note since "Stop Being Ignored; Simple Solutions to Attract & Keep Attention AND Get A Response" is a completely digital product, no refunds can be granted. But again, I'm happy to offer you a full credit toward any other product or service I offer. Your Bonus Seat at the October LIVE Event will be forfeited.

Just click on the secure order link below the Package you choose, so we can send you "Stop Being Ignored; Simple Solutions to Attract & Keep Attention AND Get A Response" and you can start using the pieces right away!



“Kay helped me be more considered in my approach. Calm and clever. ”

“Before working with Kay I didn't really have a problem with approaching people at work but I was in forthright scary "bull in a china shop" mode full time which wasn't very helpful for anyone. Least of all me. I've changed my language and how I present my ideas, especially the tricky stuff.

I understand more about what makes people tick and how to appreciate the other person has "stuff" going on which influences their relationship/interaction with you. I'm less defensive and negative. I've developed a more rounded and mature, possibly even sophisticated approach/style at work which has been noticed and rewarded by senior managers and staff. It's much easier to position things so I get buy-in and say what needs to be said now.”

—Victoria Hill, Senior Manager, UK Public Organisation


“Using Kay's '7 Proven Steps to Get Your Emails Opened & Read' solution, I quickly put together Emails, which my clients respond to.”

“As a busy VA and a working Mom I used to waste so much time waiting for clients to get back to me. I’d get so frustrated hanging around wondering if they’d even got my emails and now I don't have to! Kay shows you how and why to lay it out and make it clear and, at the same time, how to prompt the response you want using the words and expressions people need to hear to get back to you.

I save TONS of time and energy now by using her 7 Proven Steps for emails and I keep the Handout right by my keyboard to remind me. People have even said "Hey Kristin, great email" as they respond with what I want which tells me what I already know - Kay's stuff works!”

—Kristin Kuzik, virtualwebconcepts.com, Alaska, USA

“Are you ready to boost the way you communicate day-to-day and more easily showcase the experienced professional YOU already are?”

Follow the few simple, savvy adjustments which I clearly lay out for you, you’ll find you get the responses you’ve been hoping for with ease. You’ll feel more valued and confident, even when it comes to tough subjects. Plus, you’ll save more time and work much more efficiently.

No more of the same old stuff – waiting around for a response or feeling ignored. Use the systems and follow the simple steps.

I WANT you to have and use these simple step-by-step guides, all neatly packaged for you, to make your life easier, day to day AND every day. It’s time.

To your sparkly, savvy success,

kay white

PS: Imagine what it will feel like to KNOW, every single time you send an Email, leave a Voicemail, or Speak Up to have your say, EXACTLY what to include AND in what order.

Bob Burnham

“You’ll never make more money than the level to which you communicate and get a response from people.”

“Kay White has insights, tools and strategies and lays them out simply and logically for you. The information she shares is brilliant, timeless and valuable.

Use her information and follow her steps - things go together better for you after you do.”

—Bob Burnham, ExpertAuthorPublishing.com, canada